Hey! I'm Kristen. It's so nice to meet you.

Wife, mom, follower of Jesus, Bible School graduate, pastor, writer, teacher, administrator, those are all things that I've been called, but none of them are who I am. My role changes with the seasons, but my calling never does. I want people to know Jesus, to love him, and to let him change their lives. Sometimes that looks like writing a blog post that goes inexplicably viral. Sometimes that looks like staying home with my children and being the person that they wake up to and fall asleep next to. Sometimes that looks like preaching to crowds or leading worship. Sometimes it looks like facilitating writing workshops for incarcerated women. 

Whatever you read on this blog will be a reflection of the role I'm currently serving in and it will always honest and vulnerable. It's just my style. I hope you'll be encouraged, challenged, and inspired to be all that God has equipped and called you to be. 

If you really want to get to know me, you can follow me on instagram. I'm not as melodramatic there and my insta stories are a SHOW. I also have a facebook group for women who want to dig deeper into Scripture. It's called The Room and we do live chats, Bible and book studies, and have lively discussions about different topics that we face as women in the church.

And lastly, least importantly, I'm into essential oils and have an instagram because spamming my personal account makes me cringe. Oils have done incredible things for my family and I like to think that I share about them in a non sales-y kind of way. I'm currently raising money through my sales to fund Spanish education for my husband and I as we prepare for an inner city work in our city, working with Hispanic families. 

You might recognize some of my writing from a little blog called When at Home. I transitioned everything here after I made the decision to stop chasing the money making blogger dream and focus on my writing. 

My writing has been featured on Huffington Post (US, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Portugal), Selfish Mother, For Every Mom, abcnews.com, Studio 5 KSL, PopSugar Moms, Love What Matters, Faithtopia, and Deseret News.