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c o n g r a t s ! 

You just made a really good decision for you and your family. You're on your way to happier and healthier living! But if you found yourself at this page, you're probably thinking ... "Well now what do I do with this thing?". Well look no further! I'm here to help. Let's get you opening those bottles of goodness, using them, and loving them! First step -- open it up! Peel that plastic wrap off and sniff in the goodness. Open up each bottle one by one and enjoy the aroma thrill ride. See that little tab at the bottom? Lift it up - there's more inside! Take some time to go through the information and the peruse the magazine. There's so much to learn and this is the perfect place to start. Put those Ningxia red packets in the fridge and save them for later! 

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U s e   s o m e t h i n g

Peppermint is probably the most familiar smell in the box, so start there! It's a really strong oil, so one drop goes a long way. Put it in your water or add a drop to your brownie mix. Lavender is really calming, so add some to epsom salts and take a relaxing bath. See that roller filament that came in your box? Attach it to that bottle of Stress Away and roll it on your wrists. Need more suggestions? I have an ebook available to anyone on my team full of recipes for diffusing, blending, and cleaning. Ask your upline to send it to you. If you're not on my team, no worries. You can purchase that book here for $3.

M a k e    s o m e t h i n g 

Did you know you can make your own blends? All you need are some roller bottles and a carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil). Amazon has a great selection of them and the ones with stainless steel roller balls are the best. I use these. Here's one of my favorite blends from the starter kit oils: 

10 drops lavender      
5 drops frankincense
3 drops copaiba         

d i f f u s e  S O M E T H I N G

Open your diffuser and read the directions that come with it. Make sure to fill it to the appropriate line and with the suggested type of water (either distilled or tap). Put 2-3 drops of purification in the diffuser, press the button, and diffuse away! Purification helps to eliminate odors and is a great way to start experimenting with your kit. My favorite oil to diffuse is Stress Away, so try that one next!


C L E A N   S O M E T H I N G

Want to save a ton of money on cleaning products? Good. Me too. You can make literally every kind of cleaning product with the oils in your kit and a few items from the grocery store. Get some witch hazel, vinegar, castile soap, baking soda, and distilled water and you're well on your way to having a 100% toxin free home. Thieves will become your new best friend. I make an all purpose cleaner with a few drops of thieves, vinegar, and water. 

If you have any other questions about your kit and how to use it, ask your upline to add you to your team's product group. Wait, what's that? You don't have a kit yet? WHAT. Ya needs some! Click here to get set up >> Get some oils.