You Know You're Pregnant When ...

.You walk into a room and people start laughing or say things like, "Oh honey."

.You can't eat anything without someone smirking, giggling, or saying, "Eatin' for two, huh?"

.You have snacks in your purse.

.You have ready to go answers to the same questions you get asked over and over and over again. "When are you due?" "Is it a boy or a girl" "You must be ready to pop!" "Ya got two in there?!" "You do know how this happens, right?"

.You've completely given up trying to shave your legs.

.You can't imagine wearing anything other than slip-on shoes because trying to tie a pair of shoes at this point is embarrassing.

.You have to watch youtube videos in the dark, alone, because every single one of them makes you cry. Especially the military homecoming ones.

.Yes to everything on the menu.

.You don't pass by a bathroom without giving it some serious consideration.

.When you bend over to pick something up, you look around to see what else you can pick up while you're down there.

.You've become a master at grabbing things with your toes.

.You are increasingly frustrated by the things you want to get done, but can't because you either don't have the energy or you simply can't move.

.Laughing and peeing are synonymous.

.You find the remote in the freezer ... again.

.You are considering buying a baby leash for the first time because you're not sure you could catch your toddler should he decide to run away from you.

.Your catch your husband trying to hide his smirk when he sees you trying to get up from the couch.

.Sex is almost laughable because you feel like a beached whale.

.Your husband doesn't understand why you got so upset when he said, "Well you're the sexiest whale I've ever seen!"

.Your stomach is a shelf.

.When you take off your bra, entire meals fall out of it.

.Your boobs are suddenly so huge that your friends congratulate you, your husband can't keep his hands off them, and your shirts can't keep them tamed.

.First breakfast. Second breakfast. First lunch. Second lunch. First dinner. Second dinner. Snacks in between.

.You burst into tears when you open the fridge to get that very specific thing that you have to eat right now and it's not there.

.You have pimples in places you didn't know you could have pimples.

.You have fat rolls in places you didn't know you could have fat rolls.

.Getting dressed to go anywhere has the potential of being a very emotional process.

.Your dreams are so insane that you're considering seeing a therapist.

Go ahead, add to the list! What's your "You know you're pregnant when ..." ?

Kristen LaValley39 Comments