Why Do We Take Kids to the Grocery Store?

Please answer me that question. Because I'm just not sure why I even try sometimes. On the rare occasion that I get to go shopping all by myself... it's an event. I put my hard pants on, splurge on Starbucks, and take my sweet time. I walk SLOW. I smell every apple to make sure it's fresh. I'm not even sure you can tell if an apple is fresh by smelling it, but I do it anyway. This is my quiet time. So maybe that's why taking the kids with me is such an annoying and stressful thing.

It's always eventful. ALWAYS.

Here's a history in photos of shopping with my children :

Here we have baby Jonah chillin in a tub in the back of the shopping cart. Because sometimes your children refuse to walk.

Here we have two year old Jonah refusing to walk again. This kid. He tests me.

Oh look how cute those brothers are! They're being so good! They must have an amazing mother, right? He spilled the popcorn. Three times. I'm so sorry, Target janitor. So. So. Sorry.

"Mom take a picture of us!!" Aww look at you guys. I love it when you're sweet to Emery. Five minutes later he was trying to push him out of the car. Cool.

Story. Of. My. Life. One kid is happy because he got to spend his piggy bank money on a super cool nerf gun. The other is mad and screeching through the whole store. WHYYY. And why don't I bring a baby carrier with me to avoid these kinds of embarrassments?

I love when stores have little shopping carts for the kids. Jonah's so adorable when he acts like he's all grown up and shopping for the family. Until he starts running full speed all over the store. And clips a stranger's ankles. And knocks over a display of luckily nothing more than socks and boxes of energy drink powder. But hey, at least he had that cowboy hat on. I think it helped the employees not ban us from the store forever. I love you, Earth Fare.

I really do love these little cars that Kroger has on the front of the shopping carts. I mean. Just look how well behaved and calm my boys are sitting behind the wheel. CRAP. Where did the three year old go? I wasn't watching. How did he unbuckle himself? Um..the belt is still buckled. Did he seriously slither out of there without me seeing? What a SNAKE. And then there's the strangers coming up to you saying, "Um, your child is dragging his head on the ground." (I didn't notice because I'm negligent.)

And so there we have it. Stacks upon stacks of evidence that I should always shop alone. My first experience at the store with both of my children should've been the only red flag I needed. But I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.

Tell me I'm not the only one. Surely stores bring out the worst in your children as well??