The Difficult One

Emery Lewis. He is not my easy child, this one. Don't let that gorgeous grin fool you. He is a handful. Pretty much since the day he was born. I should've known, but Zach and I convinced ourselves that he would be our quiet and laid back kid. We always thought Jonah was so funny and loud and goofy, so surely our next child would be the exact opposite. Little did we know that it's actually possible for your next child to be TRIPLE the personality of your first child. {Lord help us with this next one.} From the moment his feet hit the ground, he is all over the place. No exaggeration. He is EVERY.STINKING.WHERE. He climbs on the chairs and if the chair is close enough to the table, he'll climb on the table. He climbs on the back of the couch and falls behind it. He climbs on the end tables, inside the dvd drawer in the entertainment center. He launches himself off beds, chairs, stairs, bathtubs, whatever his feet happen to be touching. He refuses to sit still when we're eating lunch at the top of a small hill and then trips over his feet and rolls three times before stopping against a rock. (Please see photo below for the after roll dirty all over the body hilarity. Surprisingly no tears were shed for this one.)

He is an adventurer. For sure. Or careless. I'm not sure which one. A little of both, maybe? And then there are the times throughout the day where he just gives up on life. It's normal to hear someone around here say, "Emery gave up on life again." He's not mad or upset or throwing a tantrum, he's just ... momentarily done for the day.


Oh but do we want to talk about the tantrums for a minute?? Because we deal with those on an almost hourly basis right now. I tell people all the time that we should've named him Shakespeare because OHTHEDRAMA. I mean. You take that remote control away from him, he will scream and stomp (not walk) to an area of carpet where it's safe to fall and he will throw is hands in the air and face plant onto the floor. If he feels like he didn't really get his point across the first time, he'll stand up and throw his hands up higher and fall down harder and scream louder. It's hilarious. I laugh and walk away, but I really need to get it on video one day. This kid, though. ACTOR.

But for every ugly, scary, annoying, toddler moment we get to have with this kid, he gives us a dozen laughs. He has so much personality and a wicked sense of humor. I never thought it'd be possible for someone who can't talk to have comedic timing, but this kid has it. He's expressive and he's an instigator and he knows how to ruffle feathers and he finds it hilarious. His attitude is redonk most days, but it goes hand in hand with his charm, so I'll happily take the good with the bad.

His fake "give me sympathy cause I'm grumpy" faces melt my stone cold heart.

He is not the kid we'd thought he'd be. He isn't easy or laid back and he wakes up WAY too early for our likings, but he's perfect. I can't believe we were ever a family without him.

Little punk.

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