Tangible Memories

So I'm doing the groovebookthing. It's a photo app subscription. You pay $2.99 a month and get 100 photos printed and sent to you in a perforated book. It's really kind of cool and I love having actual photos to touch. I was showing Jonah the photos from our second book and he found one that he absolutely loved. It's terrible quality, out of focus, and is just him sleeping on the edge of his bed because his Toy Story toys took over the whole thing. He gasped when he saw it.


"Mom!! Can you give this to me? Can I hold it?" So I tore it out of the book for him and he carried that thing around all night, showed it to anyone who would look, and slept with it in his hand. By the next morning, the thing was practically torn to shreds (it's not the most durable of photo paper), but it made me realize something. I'm leaving very few tangible memories for my children.

Most of Jonah's baby photos are on a hard drive somewhere. Until we started using groovebook, I had three printed instagram photos of Emery. Zero nice ones from my fancy camera. Those are all on here or facebook. Seriously. It's a problem.

A few months ago, I wrote about deleting my kids from the internet. I've made huge strides in protecting their privacies and keeping most of their stories to myself, but even still, most of my memories of them exist in the online format. Whether it's a blog post, or a photo album, or a status or a tweet, or whatever. It's all online. I'm over it. I want my kids to have photos and stories to look at with their children, like I do now with mine. I'm on a mission. Tangible memories. I'm buying a journal and will be back-dating all of the hilarious and sweet things Jonah has done that I've only recorded on facebook. I'm going to print some of my blog posts in some sort of book format so that their childhoods aren't completely forgotten as technology grows and changes, or, God forbid, it all completely disappears and we can't access anything anymore! (Revolution, anyone? Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves that show!)

I really need to be more intentional about taking photos with my fancy camera and actually printing them out. Are you good about printing and displaying photos and writing stuff down on pen and paper? Tell me your secrets!