Scripture & Feminism - a live chat!

Over the past year or so, I've started to really question and wrestle with my role as a woman in my family and in my church. I've always wrestled with the traditional role that the church often places on women as nurturers and homemakers and as much as I tend to lean away from that identity towards a more "progressive" (if you will) role, I've never been able to identify with the social definition of the word "feminist". So I started digging into Scripture more, reading books about culture and history, and began reconciling what I know to be true of me with what I know to be true of God's word. That's when I started talking about these frustrations and questions openly and I found that a lot women are wrestling with the same things. That's why I am SO excited to announce >>>>> 


Have you ever had a conversation with a friend that lasted for hours and by the time it was over you felt uplifted, encouraged, and inspired to change the world? That's exactly how this live chat was born. Incredible things happen when women come alongside each other and say, "You feel that way too? I thought I was the only one!" If you watch this chat, I promise you, you'll walk away feeling the same way. Kim, Molly, and I have known each other for over a decade now and I am truly honored to share this experience with them. We come from different backgrounds and perspectives and I know our combined experiences and education will bring a well rounded approach to these difficult, sometimes controversial topics. I hope you'll join us! The chat will be happening on my blog facebook page and you'll be able to ask questions, make comments, share with your friends, and if you miss anything, you can just rewatch it when it's over. So click on over to my facebook page and click "get notifications" so you'll be notified when the chat goes live. (Don't worry, I don't post often on that page so I won't blow up your notifications.)

If you already have questions on your mind, go ahead and put them in the comments and we'll be sure to answer as many as we can when we go live. Here are a few that people have already sent us that we'll be answering :

Can women be pastors and/or church leaders?
What do you do when your husband isn't leading spiritually?
What is the role of women in the church?
How can a Christian woman be a feminist?

A little about us :

Molly lives and ministers in Connecticut. She is the Executive Director of a pregnancy resource center that offers life affirming services to pregnant couples in need and she and her husband have been youth pastoring together for seven years. This year, they'll be welcoming their first child through the department of children and families services and are really looking forward to growing their family through adoption. She loves coffee and thoughtful conversations.
Kristen and her husband, Zach, live in Springfield, Massachusetts and serve as youth pastors at Zach's home church. She has spent the last six years having babies and building her writing career and now wants to use her voice to help women realize their potential and embrace their God given callings. She is currently training to teach writing workshops to women who are incarcerated or in drug recovery programs, but she spends most of her time breaking up fights between her three kids. 

Kim  (bio coming soon. She's legit, though. Promise.)

Katie is a wife, mom and soul sister. She met her husband Percy 10 years ago, married in 2008 and have been serving in ministry together ever since. They currently serve as youth pastors in North Providence, RI. She is passionate about mobilizing the church to love and serve their communities and currently works with communications and giving Cordinator for the Boston Project Ministries. Her greatest joys in life include nightly dance parties with her family and inviting others to walk with her as she walks with Jesus.

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