Remember Who Made You

Some weeks I go blog crazy and get really inspired and write all kinds of things and then some weeks I just don't. This has been one of those weeks when I just don't. I've been just trying to take a step back and focus on my little family and all the other side projects I have going on to bring money into our almost always empty bank account. This month has been hard. Really hard. We're just both so tired of being those people. We're tired of depending on others to get by. We're tired of getting late payment notices and we're tired of just getting by. Or not getting by. We're just all kinds of tired. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it's Christmas time. It's just... this season... we want it to end.

The other night I decided to shut everyone out so I could spend some time reading and praying. I'm gonna be honest : I never do that. I can't remember the last time I madetime for Jesus rather than just finding a spare second here or there. It was wonderful. Like greeting an old friend.

I was sitting in the bath, telling God all the ways my life sucks right now. All my worries, frustrations, and fears. I said things like "I know you're always faithful. But..." and "I know you haven't let us down yet, BUT...." You know. Just being whiny. And then he sent me this soft, quiet reminder.

"Remember who made you."


Such a simple statement but packed with such awesome truth. And so, I'm sharing it with you.

Friends, remember who made you.

Every time you feel like you're not enough. Every time you fail your kids. Every time you fail your husband. Every time you feel like quitting When you're lonely. When you're tired. When you see no other option but to give up. When you're scared. When you don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Remember who made you.

The Creator who hung the stars. Who moves the seas. Who came before time and exists outside of it. Who knows your name.

He made you. He loves you. There's nothing you can do that is outside the reach of his grace and there is no need he can't provide. Rest in that truth. Embrace it. Walk in it. Have peace knowing that the Creator of all things made you and wants nothing more than to bless you and be loved by you.

Have a great weekend, friends.