It's OK to be in Survival Mode.

That has been my mantra for the past 6 weeks. I'm a workaholic for real, dawg. If I'm not producing, I'm not thriving, and we all know how I'm all about thriving. But the thing is, I can only do so much and making a baby while having two other children to care for is a freaking hard amount of work. Two weeks ago, I took the pressure off of myself and decided to just ride the waves.

Hence the lack of productivity over here.

Hence the lack of my new site design which I should've finished a long time ago.

Hence the lack of progress on another super top secret amazing project I've been alluding to for months.

I've relaxed into survival mode and it's been so good for my soul. It took me a few weeks to accept the truth, but I needed a break and nothing suffered or died because of it. And now, as I crawl out of the trenches of morning sickness, exhaustion, and first trimester probs, I'm ready to get moving and get back to life. But before I do, a message for those of you still in survival mode.

Whether it's because you're in your first trimester, or your baby isn't sleeping through the night, or you're working double shifts, or your marriage is in a tough spot, or you don't know how you're going to feed your family this week, or you're grieving, struggling with depression, with motherhood, with church drama, friend drama, or maybe you just are having a tough week...whatever. I'm here to tell you that it's ok to be in survival mode.

Survive, woman. Put your feet up. Relax. Drink a latte. Watch a stupid show. (The Office is my go to comfort show for real.) Eat chicken dip and carb up and don't put pants on and just be a total slob if that's what you need to do. The mess can wait. The laundry will clean itself. (right? ...) But you need to take of yoself. There's no point in pushing yourself to the point where you hate getting up every day. RELAX.  I know the days are long, but the years are impossibly short and there's no reason to put gray hairs on your head prematurely (or you know, more gray hairs on your head). You deserve a break and you deserve to let yourself be loved and cared for, even if you're the only one doing the loving and caring.

Are you in survival mode? It's ok. I'll be here to help you thrive again when you crawl back out.

Here are few examples of my survival techniques the past few weeks. Not pictured : many a latte, the butt groove on my couch, Michael Scott, Shark Tank, and buffalo chicken wing dip.

Don't let the joy on his face trick you into believing I was being an attentive parent. Pretty much just sat on the swing and watched his brother dump water on his head because he wanted to do the "ice water challenge!" on the unsuspecting baby.


TV, you're my favorite baby sitter. Thanks for helping me get through a head cold.


Um. Confession. We've eaten an ungodly amount of Chipotle in the last few weeks. Mostly because it's good, but also mostly because like I was even going to go upstairs and cook a decent meal when I could barely see straight. Took this photo on our second trip to chipotle in the same week. But to be fair, we buy one meal and split it so that's something, right?


Oh hey. This is what our basement looks like 99% of the time. And please don't look inside that closet. It's so embarrassing.

The kids don't care if I'm on the couch, too sick to pay attention to them, but not sick enough to take a desperate selfie to beg their father to come home. They just climb right up, fight for the spot on my lap and then bite and hit each other with the remotes. Fun times.


YUP. Just a bunch of crap I've been avoiding, piling up and mocking me.


I won't judge you for hiding from your kids if you don't judge me for hiding from mine.


Nothing screams survival like an ice cream cone. And freshly awfully painted nails. But the Jamberry wrap looks legit, so that's good, right?

What are you doing to survive these days?