In Holland.

I can't post about the first part of our trip without including the second! 

Zach and I have been dreaming about visiting my brother and sister in law in Holland since they moved there four(ish) years ago. It always seemed like this far off, unobtainable thing, but at the beginning of this year we decided to just go for it. We payed for the whole trip in cash and enjoyed every single penny spent. WORTH. IT. 

Holland is beautiful and flat and the food is SO good. It was fresh and inexpensive and delicious and made me kind of angry at how crappy and expensive our food is here. Boo. I'm sure there's a netflix documentary you can watch about THAT.

Anyway. I was in awe of the bike culture. There are bike paths everywhere, bikers have the right away, moms riding around with two kids and five grocery bags on their bikes. It's amazing. Our first morning there, I went on a 40 minute bike ride with my sister in law in the pouring rain. Loved every second of it. I'm sure it gets old fast when you live there, but for a tourist, it's just fun.  AND I actually lost a few pounds, but gained it all right back the second I stepped off the plane in Boston. Something about our air just makes you fat, I think. It's not my fault. It's the air. 

Seeing Chris and Rebecca in their missionary lives really helped me put my life into perspective. There were a few HUGE mental shifts that happened in the week we were there, that have been crucial to healing my anxiety, but I'll get to that another time. Now let's just look at some photos, eh? 

We'll start with this one because it needs to be explained. We were biking around a beautiful dutch Island named Texel. On our way back to the ferry, I thought a saw a tulip. Mind you, my brother AND my sister in law had both told me that tulip season was over, but I thought maybe it was like fruit here in the states. You can still buy strawberries when they're not in season, you know? Or maybe I thought God had planted it there just for me to find. Anyway. We'd fallen significantly behind everybody else because we are slow and out of shape and I spotted the tulip and decided to steal it. It was about 30 ft away from me, in a field, on a farm. What I didn't realize was that there was a marsh between me and the tulip. I also did not account for how wobbly my legs would be getting off of a bike after riding non stop for almost an hour. All I saw was the tulip. So I hopped off the bike and started running through the tall grass and weeds to get to the tulip and my legs started wobbling and a weed grabbed my ankle and I went DOWN. Face first. I didn't even know what was happening until I was under water, swallowing fertilizer smelling marsh water. So. Here's that. 

Best part of that whole story? NOT A TULIP. Not even close to being a tulip. Ok now on to the rest of the trip which was ... not as gross. Also, R.I.P. to my nikes that were destroyed by the marsh and I've never been sadder about losing a pair of shoes. Pour one out for my nikes, please.

And that's our trip summed up! It was phenomenal. Not a single regret. Cannot WAIT to get away with my hubby again. 

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