How We Conquered the Potty

I don't want to jinx it. I really, really, don't.

So I won't say that Jonah is totally and completely potty trained.

I'll just say that I haven't changed a diaper in 3 weeks.

And we've only had one major accident.

And I won't brag about the fact that he even goes when we're in public, I'll just say that it's awesome.

I really can't take any of the credit for him potty training so fast and so easily. We basically didn't even try. The first time he told us he needed to go potty, he was maybe 16 or 17 months old. He was in the bath, and who wants to poop where they play, right? For a while, that was the only time he would tell us. I thought that meant that he was ready, but he wasn't, so we just let it go. We never made him sit on the potty until he went, or sang any songs. Hec, we didn't even buy his own potty until a couple months ago.

Right after his second birthday, he started announcing his bodily needs when he was running around the house naked. (Which, if you follow me on facebook or instagram, you know....that's kind of a lot.) We tried putting undies on him, but he just thought they were diapers and would pee in them every time. But then one glorious day, everything clicked in his clever little mind. He didn't really want anything to do with the potty we bought him. Any time he would tell us he needed to go, he would demand "the white potty!". But then one day, mommy had to go and if you have kids, you know that there is no privacy when nature calls and you almost always have an audience. So there I was, doing my business when Jonah barged in and said, "You go pee, mom?" I said, "Yep." And his bright little eyes flashed brilliance and he said, "I go pee too." and he pulled off his diaper and sat on his little frog potty and a few seconds later yelled, "I did it!!! I peed in the potty!!!"

It was a pretty exciting day. And that was it. That was the day he potty trained. He's kind of amazing. He just did it. No bribing. No sitting on the potty for hours until he goes. He just...did it. I was expecting it to be a really stressful process and had given up the idea of getting him out of diapers before the baby is born. But now he's totally out of diapers except at night time and bed time. I mean, he even goes when we're at restaurants and stores. NOTHING makes my heart swell with pride more than when he stands up in the middle of a restaurant and yells, "I NEED TO GO TO DA BWAFWOOM!!". Or when we've been driving in the car for almost an hour and as soon as we get inside a building he says, "Mom, I need to go pee." It probably should be embarrassing how happy it makes me. But I think he's brilliant and fantastic and I love him for making this so easy on us.

But I'm not bragging.

And I'm not saying he won't revert.

Cause there was this one day, when he told me he needed to go number two. And he ran to his potty. I watched him sit on the potty. HE WAS ON THE POTTY. We've done this a few times by now, right? You got this, Jonah. NO. All of a sudden he screamed like someone was chopping off his finger and ran through the house dropping giant turds all over the place. I was really mad. I had no compassion whatsoever. We had a little chat. I shoved his nose in it. ((THAT WAS A JOKE.))

So. I'm not saying we've got this down yet.

(but we kind of totally do)