12 Books of the Bible in 2015

I've never been the type to try to attempt reading the entire Bible in a year. I mean, props to whoever can do that and accomplish that, but it's just not my thing. In fact, I'm quite a lazy Bible reader and since graduating from Bible college, I've kind of been really lazy about what I read and when. I have not been intentional about my faith at all in the past few years. But that's changing. Slowly but surely.

So this year, instead of attempting to read the whole thing, I'm committing to studying and truly studying, one book every month. I'm also going to give myself grace to take more time if I need to, but the goal is study 12 books this year.  Here's how I plan on making it happen.

First, I read. Sometimes I read the entire book first, sometimes I take it chapter by chapter. Either way, I'll read and absorb it in its entirety before moving on.

Second, I journal and pray through what I'm reading. (Except when I'm reading the begats and the begets. Those are mad boring.)

Third, I study. I grab my commentary, study Bible, study books, concordance, Bible dictionary, etc. and study the historical background, context, and commentaries from other theologians and pastors and people who know more than me.

Fourth, I journal any other thoughts from learning more about the book or verse and move on.

Occasionally a blog post is born from this type of studying so we'll call that the optional step five.

And here is my (tentative) plan. I doth give myself permission to change the books and their coordinating months at my will.

January - Deuteronomy February - Ruth March - Titus April - Philemon May - Esther June - Hosea July - Nehemiah August - Mark September - Acts October - Jude November - Jeremiah December - Romans

What are your Bible reading plans for the year, if any?