My Beef With the Proverbs 31 Chick.

I've always avoided Proverbs 31. I read it once in college and I was like, "Yea, no. That's not me." I've always been the type of person that ignores anything that might be challenging me to be better than I am at moment. It tends to have the opposite affect on me. I have this beautiful and amazing and inspiring friend named Jenna and she is always reading books and listening to podcasts and surrounding herself with people and things that will make her a better person. It energizes her and inspires her and challenges her to be better.

I'm so different. If I think someone is better than me at something, I don't want to talk to them about it. If there's a book that has the slightest chance of making me feel inadequate, I'll avoid it. Podcasts? Forget it. They leave me stressed out, exhausted, and overwhelmed. I know. I'm such an awesome person, avoiding everything that might make me better.

So anyway. Proverbs 31? HA. All but deleted that one from existence in my Bible. But recently, I decided to try it out again. My intention was to read through it and pick it apart and point out all the ways no one human being could be all of those things. Funny thing about Scripture, though, is that it very often catches you by surprise and speaks life into your weary heart. God's word doesn't leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It doesn't just call you higher and then leave you hanging. It calls you higher and then equips you to be someone you didn't know you could be. And that's what this passage has done for me. I am challenged, I'm inspired, and I feel totally equipped to be a better wife and mother.

I mean, who wouldn't want to be this girl, right? Her husband is obsessed with her, her children worship the ground she walks on, and we can just assume that everyone in the city wants to know her or be her. Don't you just hate her? Me too. But I want to be her.See how that works? She comes by these things honestly, though! She works her butt off to provide for her family (verses 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 24, 27). She doesn't just think of her family and their needs, but she's also generous and kind to those less fortunate (verses 15 & 20). And to top it all off, she'swise(verse 16 & 26). Oh come ON. Does this woman have any flaws at all?

But here's the thing that really speaks to me. She's fearless. She doesn't worry about her family, because they're well taken care of (vs. 21). The passage says that "she can laugh at the days to come" (vs. 25). I want to be able to say that. I want to be so wise, so generous, so hard working and vigorous, that I don't have to worry what will happen to my family. I want to be better and do better and work harder so that I can look at the future and say, "HA! Go ahead! Throw your worst at us. We can handle it, becauseI've been doing what I need to do and I know I've done my best."

So now all of a sudden this passage that I've avoided like the plague is speaking new life to me and I hope that it does the same for you. As I call myself higher, I’m calling you with me. Let’s be more like this chick in Proverbs 31. I guarantee you she didn’t have her life together 100% of the time, but her husband was proud of her, and her kids called her blessed. Let’s let that be the goal we aim for. Our children and our husbands deserve our best. What’s your best? You know what it is. It’s probably itching in the back of your mind and you just don’t want to call it out.

Call it out. And then let’s get to work.