The Ellipses

From 2013-2014 we lived in the question mark. I mean. Took up permanent residence. Changed our zip code. This is where we live now. There was this constant wondering about what was going to happen next. Would God provide? Where's the money coming from? Is this the right decision? What will happen with this job? When will we move out of the basement? How are we going to make it? What is our calling? Has our calling changed? Where is God leading? So many questions. So few answers.

2015 is the year that we take up residency in the ellipses. The fear is gone and all that's left is anticipation. The good kind. The "Just wait! There's MORE!" kind. Thing are happening in our our family, in our spiritual lives, our ministry, our careers, and our finances. Good things. Only good things. We're just waiting to see what else God has for us. We have joy in the ellipses. We have peace here. We have hope in the ellipses. God is good and he wants good things for his children. I get that now.

When you stop holding out on God, he'll stop holding out on you.