Ten things that I enjoy that have nothing to do with Jesus.


You can enjoy things that have nothing to do with Jesus??



Here I am with your daily dose of shocking truth. You can enjoy things that have nothing to do with Jesus, the kingdom, church, faith, or is also used to helped other people. You don’t even have to leverage it or finagle it into some altruistic form that actually does, in some way, some round about over-reaching way, help other people. Nope. You can just enjoy them because you enjoy them.

The body of Christ really needs more people who enjoy their lives and have things that they like to do. The lack of joy and excitement can be really stifling and the over-interest in things of the Lord is a little … much. It’s a little much ya’ll.

So here are some things (in no particular order) that I enjoy, as a believer, who deeply loves Jesus and the Bible, and also really enjoys things that have nothing to do with either one of those.

#1 : the office
#2 puzzles
#3 young adult novels
#4 food
#5 Taylor Swift
#6 walking around Target
#7 sitting alone in my car
#8 shows about serial killers
#9 sudoku, yahtzee, basically just more puzzles I guess
#10 people watching

In the name of all that is good in the world, go like things. Go enjoy your life. God likes that you like things because he made you and spoiler alert : he likes you too.

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