I love a good trajectory change.

I’ve had a blog since I was 16 years old. I’m 32 now so you do the math on that. Before blogging I meticulously documented my life in journals. When I turned 8, I picked out a three pack of canvas covered floral journals at Sam’s Club and I’ve kept a journal for every year of my life since then. My first diary entry said “Dear Journal, Christopher is being a big pain in the butt.” and I guess you could say that was the start of my prolific writing career.


When I turned blogging into an income stream, it kind of killed writing for me. Everyone always talks about how you can turn your passions into paychecks and that was really exciting for me for a while. Until it wasn’t. And I’m the kind of person that will just pull the chord on things, so I unplugged with no warning and left the public writing game for awhile. I took a few years to build a business that would provide for my family without sucking my soul and now I’m back to blogging but only because I love writing and want to share, not because I need or even want an income from it.

But with every comeback, comes a trajectory change so I wanted to let you know where we’re headed. The past four years since I left the blogging world have been, what I call, an unraveling. They’ve been difficult, to say the absolute very least. For awhile, it felt like God was punishing us and then it felt like he had abandoned us altogether. But looking back we can see that he was carefully (although it felt recklessly) overturning the soil of our lives. There was tilling, pruning, planting, blooming. The garden metaphors are really endless, but I’ll spare you. Suffice it to say, it’s been a weird and intense couple of years but the growth and change we’ve experienced has been beautiful. What used to be raw and painful we can now see as nothing short of God’s grace and protection and, in some ways, a propulsion to get us where we needed to be as the people we needed to be when we got there.

For so many years I felt useless. Like God had uncalled me. Like I wasn’t fit for his kingdom anymore. Like I had nothing more to offer. And now… I’ve never been more sure of where I’m headed. And where we’re headed, together. And where our family is headed, without you, but ya know, it’s blogging and social media so you’ll kinda be along for the ride.


No more mom blogging over here. But it’s gonna be better. We’ll be having hard conversations about church and faith. I’ll be sharing more about my struggle with anxiety and depression. We’re gonna chat whole life health - emotional, physical, brain, spiritual. But mostly, we’re gonna talk a lot about being rooted and centered in joy, not the expectations of others, or the church, and not in hustle or productivity. Cause when joy is the center of your life, there is peace and contentment and honestly I feel like that’s what God wants for all of us. If there’s anything the world and the church, especially, needs more of, it’s that. True, rooted in joy living. It changes everything.

Thanks for always being down for a change. Missed ya’ll!!