How to Make Money Shilling Oils - Part Two

If you become a business builder, it's important that you are on Essential Rewards. First, you have to maintain a 100 PV to qualify to receive all unilevel commissions. In addition to that, it's a great idea to be trying new products each month. It's the whole "put some skin in the game" thing. You can't share what you don't know, so order new products and share them with others! Even if you don't use all of the free products you earn, you can use them as incentives for your team, or to build your organization.


From distributor to Executive to all the ranks above, you can get paid four ways : Start Living Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Rising Star Bonus, and Unilevel commissions. The best way to earn everything you're entitled to, is to be making a 100 PV order each month on Essential Rewards. If you only maintain a 50 PV order, you will only earn the Fast Start and Start Living bonuses. If you're not on Essential Rewards, you will forfeit the Rising Star Bonus.


Let's look at the Star Living and Fast Start bonuses. These are the easiest to earn! If you enroll someone new and you have the 50 PV, you'll get a check from Young Living!  


The Rising Star Bonus is a really great way to see your check grow! This bonus requires that you be on Essential Rewards and that you place a 100PV order each month. You can earn up to $300 each month and because you have to have legs in order to earn the bonus, it helps you structure for growth and ranking up! 


And lastly, let's talk about unilevel commissions. If you place a 100 PV order every month, you will qualify for unilevel commissions. How much you earn depends on your rank. 


Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful! Click here to get started on your Young Living journey!  If you missed part one you can read that here.