How to Make Money Shilling Oils - Part One

Hey everyone! If you're here it's because you're curious about making money with Young Living. I've been in the biz since April of 2017 and my team has been growing like crazzyyyy. In the past three months, I've enrolled over 50 people and because of the rapid growth, I've had to do a lot of business coaching with my quickly growing team of boss ladies. This blog post is part one of a two part simple series to introduce you to the Young Living business opportunity in the most easy to understand, basic way possible. So let's dive right in. 


First things first, let's set some goals. What do you hope to do with the extra income you'll be making from Young Living? Think ahead! Dream big! Get your hopes up! I always tell my team to start with setting the goal to get your oils paid for. That's enrolling one person a month! Once you've got that in the bag, let's talk income goals. 


The earning potential in this business is crazy!! We'll dive more into this in part 2, but for now, just look at this. People are actually taking home paychecks that size. I've been doing this business for three months and am averaging $1500 a month, so I know it's true! Think about the rank you'd like to shoot for and then start dreaming of what you could be doing with that extra income. Check out Young Living's income disclosure here.  


Your next question is probably, "But what's this going to cost me?". To begin your business, you need to purchase a Premium Starter Kit. It costs $160 and comes with 11 oils, a diffuser, a membership to Young Living, and gives you instant access to our team's Oily community with resources and business help galore. You can read more about the kit here. It's possible to start earning a check in your first month. There are several girls on my team who sold three premium starter kits before theirs even shipped out from Young Living. WHAT. I'm telling you, these oils sell themselves! What to learn how to get your kit paid for quickly? Purchase your premium starter kit and then let me know you'd like to be added to our business group! I'll set up a coaching call with you and I'll help you start earning.


I'm gonna close with some terms and definitions that are important to know moving forward. Ready to move on? The next part of the series is right here : How to Make Money Shilling Oils - Part Two.