Emotions & Oils

Since I've been using oils for a while now, I figured it was time to start blogging about them, but I want to keep it separate from my main blog, because, well I don't know. I just don't want to be annoying, I guess. But I am SO passionate about these things and believe so much in what they can do for your family. So. Let's talk about emotions and how they've helped me. 

Now, since most people that get started with oils start with the premium starter kit (literally everyone I know starts this way), I'm going to talk about the different oils in the kit and how they can help support your emotional health. 

You were created to function as a whole - mind, body, spirit. They are inseparably connected, communicating at a cellular level. Your body is made of intelligent cells, wired to restore health. This means your body is brilliant in design and naturally wants to be balanced and whole. So to understand how oils can benefit emotions, we have to understand what emotions are. 

Emotions are information-carrying molecules that bind to and react with cell receptors. They go into the cell, impacting function and behavior. In other words:  Emotions, in their smallest and most basic form, are chemical molecules. Because emotions are chemicals, they are not limited to the mind. Emotions flow and are processed throughout the body. Science reveals there are complex neural processing functions in the mind, heart and gut. These “3 brains” are neural networks with independent memory and intelligence. This means you can actually process feelings in each of these brains. The mind is like a conductor, directing the body to feel emotionally and behave physically. The heart discerns the messages our brain receives. The gut responds accordingly, distributing health or illness to the rest of our body. 

So basically, oils can trigger and stimulate parts of the brain that affect our emotions. A lot of people think that hormones control our emotions, but it's actually the other way around - emotions control our hormones through biochemical changes in the brain. 

Let's look at the specific oils in the starter kit and what they can do for your emotional health. 

The best place to start with using oils for emotional support is the starter kit. There are eleven oils and each one is incredibly versatile. There are so many uses and purposes for each one. Let's start with

I add this to every single one of my mood support blends. It contains the highest amount of beta-carapholleynes of any essential oil. 55%. To give a little perspective, marijuana only has 35%. so .... ;) It's often used to improve moods, help nervous irritability, and can help you on days when life is just a little more difficult than usual. I call it my calm in a bottle.

Emotional health starts with a healthy gut! You might be surprised how many of our physical and mental issues start in the gut. DiGize is great to use to support your digestive system and as a part of your daily health regimen. It includes oils like Juniper which may help bring balance to emotions and the impact of stress of your digestive functions.

This is one of my most favorite oils of all time. I use it every day on my face (helloooo skin support!) and I add it to blends for calming and stress with copaiba. It's calming and comforting and is definitely the most Biblical of the oils in the starter kit! 

I had to put an exclamation point because ... it's lavender. Lovingly known as the gateway oil, it's easily the most versatile of the bunch. It's the relaxing and calming, familiar and comforting. I've used this for everything. Every. Thing. 

This is my kids' favorite oil. We put it in the diffuser on mornings when we need a little extra pep in our step. (Citrus oils are great for that) It has such an uplifting scent and is great not only for mood support, energy boosts, and focus, but you can also use it to make all natural cleaning and beauty products! 

Stress Away
I mean it kind of speaks for itself, yes? I put a roller filament on top of it and roll it on to my wrists and the back of my neck several times throughout the day. It smells like vanilla and is one of those things that immediately centers me when I catch a whiff. It can help with nervousness, stress, relaxation, and restlessness 

I just call this one Christmas-in-a-Bottle because it smells like cinnamon and memories. ha. It can promote relaxation, calmness, and feelings of clarity and focus. It's one of Young Living's most popular oils. So much so, they developed an entire line of cleaning products centered around it! 

This is a great oil to have on hand for the occasional head tension  that stress can sometimes cause. Smells wonderful and can also promote clarity, energy, and concentration. 

RC is uplifting and energizing. I apply it to my chest and we use it mostly during the winter months, but you can also put in the diffuser for a nice uplifting scent! 

This is one we use in every room of our house! The laundry room, specifically. It's great at cleansing the air and making things smell fresh and invigorating. It can help with lessening feelings of anger and can promote relaxation

Admittedly, this is one that I use the least, but it smells amazing and is great at soothing muscles and joints. It has a nice, cool smell and is energizing and uplifting. One drop on the hand and one big inhale and you'll feel energized and ready to take on the day! 

The starter kit is such a great place to start, but there are so many other great oils that do even more! 

I could sing the praises of this oil for days and days and days. I use it every day, especially when I'm getting that familiar feeling of just being "off". The smell took me some time to get used to (kind of smells like really strong perfume), but now I love it and can't live without it. A few drops on my chest in the morning or before going into a nerve wracking situation and I am calm and steady. 

Progessence Plus
This is definitely a favorite among a lot of my close friends and family. It's a natural progesterone (from yams!) and is specifically for hormonal and emotional support. 

Dragon Time
I'm pretty sure all of the ladies on my team use this every month during our ... dragon time. It is honestly the best thing for my raving lunatic tendencies during that special time. 

So popular it was out of stock for two years and now you can only buy one a month! A little Valor and Joy every day and I'm unstoppable. 

Click here to sign up to get your premium starter kit and read about all the incredible things that come with it and then join me on Saturday (May 20th) for a live chat about emotions and oils. (click here to RSVP)

Any questions? 
I would love to talk to you more about these things! I know first hand how difficult the postpartum season can be. It's been a long road to health for me and I'm just so thankful that I'm experiencing relief.